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    Colouring Velvet Folder - Musical


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    Our smart archive to collect your documents, photos, musicals and recipes. 2 rind binders folder.  It has a thick cardbord surface and thick boders made of velvet. Special surface makes colours more lovely and intensive. Can be coloured with felt pens, colour pencils, paints and crayons. The special soft velvet bordes delimits colouring space. It comes with a set of 12 colour felt pens. The felt pens are dermatologically tested, non toxic as they are made from food dyes. This therapy picture is the best way to relax yourself.


    Product Material: Special Cardboard woth 1mm thick velvet borders.

    Size: 12.5 X 10.6 X 1.6 Inches

    Inclusion: 1 Cardboad woth picture and a set of 12 Carioca Felt Pens

    Age: 3 years to 101 years +

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